Windows 11 vs Windows 10: A Comprehensive Comparison of Features and Performance

It is no longer news at this point that Windows 11 is already out and has a ton of features and functionality to offer. When examining the history of windows, the 2015 release of windows 10 was considered a monumental leap for Microsoft. This operating system felt like the complete package to many, as Microsoft incorporated some familiar yet nostalgic design choices of windows 7 and the efficient innovation of windows 8 and other novel features into their latest product.

Windows 10 stood out as a truly unique operating system, with the platform still receiving frequent updates even to this day. However, since the launch of windows 11 in 2021, many people are left unsure of the need to leave their seemingly perfect operating system for a new yet unfamiliar operating system upgrade. To address this uncertainty, a side-by-side comparison of windows 10 and 11 is an important first step.

Comparing Windows 10 with Windows 11

Ever since its release, windows 11 has been praised by many worldwide as the next big thing. This praise is not unfounded, as the tons of new features and functionality the new operating system offers is truly something to marvel at, and in order to fully visualize this, comparing these new features with that of windows 10 to see how they both perform in a given field will paint quite the picture.

  1. Design and Interface:

The improved interface is the first noticeable change you’ll notice between Windows 11 and Windows 10. This is partly due to the incorporation of a new Mac OS-inspired UI and the use of pastel colors and rounded corners to give a more simplistic design to the Windows 11 user interface.

The taskbar and the recognizable Start menu have also been moved to the center of the home screen. In contrast, just as in windows 10, you can still relocate the start menu if you choose to. Overall, the operating system’s appearance and interface have been given impressive updates. This indicates that Windows 11 has a completely distinct user interface from Windows 10, making it a perfect fit for those wishing for a new and improved look.

  1. Notification Center and Quick Settings:

The Notification Center and Quick Settings have also been updated as part of Windows 11’s design rebirth, and on the front of visual appeal, it has really excelled. The redesigned Quick Settings and Notification Center are a delight if you are searching for an improved design and vibrant gradients.

For smoother and more seamless navigation, Windows 11 also uses shortcut keys to access the notification window and settings quickly. For instance, users of Windows 11 can press the Windows key and N to access their notifications. Holding down Windows and A together will also bring up Quick Settings. This provides users access to Wi-Fi, brightness sliders, sound, and other features.

  1. System Performance:

Improved system performance is one of the key distinctions between Windows 11 and Windows 10. As soon as you boot up your computer after switching to windows 11, you will experience improved performance and an overall enhanced experience on all fronts. For example, surfing the internet will be faster and more seamless, as well as waking your pc up from sleep and logging in. Additionally, Windows 11 users will discover that the operating system offers greater efficiency than Windows 10 when running programs on their system of choice.

The improved system performance windows 11 brings to the table can also be strongly felt in the gaming aspect. With windows 11, there are several game enhancements available. Technologies that were only found on the Xbox platforms, such as Direct Storage and Auto HDR, have now been added to the pc with this new update, providing users with a superior gaming experience compared to windows 10. After upgrading to windows 11, a higher frame rate and an improvement in the default high-dynamic range setting in games are just some of the many benefits you will enjoy.

  1. Android App Support:

Another significant advantage switching to windows 11 would bring you is the newly added feature of android app support, as the lack of this feature in windows 10, according to many, brought the overall appeal of the operating system down a few notches. After examining world trends and seeing the importance android apps have carved out for themselves in the world today, Microsoft developed windows 11 to provide for the download and installation of your favorite apps through the Microsoft store. This aligns with their goal to continuously bridge the gap between mobile phones and personal computers.

  1. Multitasking/Snap Layouts:

Multitasking is one of the most significant differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10. When comparing all the previous operating systems, Windows 11 is the undisputed victor if you seek the best multitasking system. With it, you can build virtual workstations and switch between different desktops for gaming, studying, working, and personal use.

Snap Layouts are also a novel addition to Windows 11. You utilize these groups of tabs simultaneously, allowing easy and quick switching between different tasks. Snap Layouts provides a fly-out display (Windows + Z shortcut) with which you can interact by dragging your mouse over and selecting any of the highlighted windows.

Final Note

   Although Windows 10 might seem perfect enough not to warrant an upgrade, the reality, compared with Windows 11, is a whole different affair. Windows 11 offers more in terms of functionality and promises a much better overall user experience. However, before making the leap into the new operating system, you must first be aware of the system requirements necessary to run it.

To smoothly and effectively run windows 11, your computer needs to be outfitted with at least 4 gigabytes of ram, 64 gigabytes of internal storage, a Direct X 12 graphics driver, high definition (720p) screen display, and a processor speed not less than 1 gigahertz. Your PC must meet these minimum system requirements to help enable a great computing experience.

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